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About Us

The Libya Crimes Watch (LCW) is an independent, non-governmental, and non-profit human rights organization founded in 2019. Registered in the United Kingdom, it operates through a network that covers all parts of Libya and is primarily dedicated to monitoring, observing and documenting human rights violations against civilians.

Our Vision

A society where every individual enjoys rights and justice.

Our Mission

To defend human rights by monitoring and documenting human rights violations against civilians in Libya, providing legal assistance, advocating for victims and survivors, contributing to accountability and reducing impunity, raising awareness, building capacity, and promoting a culture of human rights and peace.

Our objectives

  • Contributing to reducing human rights violations

  • Contributing to building a culture of human rights and memory

  • Advocating for justice for victims and survivors and accountability for human rights violators

  • Raising awareness about human rights and promoting them

  • Reducing impunity

  • Enhancing capacity-building in the field of human rights defense

  • Advocating for the development of legislation and policies that align with human rights values.”

Our values

نبذ العنف

Rejection of violence

The LCW is committed to rejecting all forms of violence, engage in it, and justification or promotion of it.

الدقة والموضوعية

Accuracy and Objectivity

The LCW is committed to achieving the highest standards of investigation and research to reach accurate and objective data and narratives of human rights violations. It also commits to using precise legal descriptions of violations and their details according to relevant international and local treaties and laws.



The LCW does not place itself under any financial or moral commitment to any other organization or entity that may affect its work or create a perception of an impact on its performance. As a non-profit organization, it does not work on any commercial projects that conflict with its declared goals.



The LCW does not support any political position and does not work as a political tool for local actors or foreign policies. It also works independently of governments and has its own programs, policies, and implementation mechanisms according to human rights work standards.



The LCW maintains an impartial stance towards all parties to the conflict and only sides with the victim.

الشمولية وعدم التمييز

Inclusiveness and Non-discrimination

The LCW deals with human rights as universal and immutable rights that must be available to everyone without discrimination based on race, colour, gender, age, language, religion, political opinion, or any other status included in human rights standards.

لا ضرر

Do no harm

The LCW places the interest and safety of victims and witnesses above all considerations. It also responds to the concerns and interests of victims and witnesses of violations in a way that respects their rights and preserves their dignity.